1st Bonus

First Deposit:

100% match up to $400

2nd Bonus

Second Deposit:

100% match up to $300

3rd Bonus

Third Deposit:

100% match up to $300

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1st Deposit - Match Bonus up to $400 • 2nd / 3rd  Deposit - Match Bonus up to $300 • New customers only •  Min deposit $10  •  70x wagering •  Terms Apply

Live Dealer Registration & Login

Get quick answers to the most common live casino FAQs.

Live Dealer Registration & Login

Registering and logging in for all sections of Spin Casino is done from our central online casino gaming hub. You will create and use a single set of login details for our casino, Vegas, sportsbook and live dealer platforms. Just follow these simple instructions to get started:

  1. Click on the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the home screen.
  2. Click on the “Register” button.
  3. Enter your email address and other personal details into the required fields.
  4. Choose and enter a username and password.
  5. Check the box to confirm that you are over 18 and legally allowed to gamble.
  6. Your desktop and mobile casino account will be activated within moments.
  7. To login to your live casino account, enter your username and password in the main homepage and select the Live Dealer tab.

Why Can’t I Login?

If you can’t login to our desktop, tablet or smartphone casino, you might just need to close and then reopen the site. This allows the Internet connection to refresh, which is often all it take to solve the problem. If you are still experiencing difficulties after trying this, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department.

Can I Reset My Username?

No, once you’ve chosen and confirmed your Spin Casino username, you can’t change it. Think carefully and make sure you’re happy with the handle you give yourself!

Can I Reset My Password?

Yes, you can reset your password and for security purposes we recommend that you do it every six months or so. All you need to do is contact the Customer Services Department and have one of our professional agents guide you through the process.

What Live Casino Software is Used?

The only software used at our live casino is the world-renowned Evolution Gaming.

Do the Dealers Talk to Players?

Yes, the main reason that the games at our desktop and mobile live dealer sites are so engaging and authentic is that the dealers will talk to you as they operate the cards, Roulette wheels and other game equipment.

Who Else Will Be Playing?

People from all around the world log in and play at the live section of Spin Casino.

Can I Speak to Other Players?

Yes, Evolution Gaming offers a live chat feature that you can choose to activate on every game. Talking to your fellow players, whether just to socialise or to discuss strategy, will make our live casino feel even more like an authentic brick-and-mortar establishment.

Live Dealer Languages

At the live section of our online casino, dealers speak several languages besides English including French, German, Spanish and Italian. You’ll be able to play in your first language, so the experience will be as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Live Dealer Games on Offer

The live dealer section at Spin Casino has something to offer everyone. Evolution Gaming is also constantly working on developing new games, so you can expect even more entertainment in the future. For now, our live casino includes:

Are There Live Betting Limits?

Yes, our live casino has minimum and maximum betting limits. The limits vary from game to game, and often there are high- and low-limit variations. Choose the one that fits your budget bet.

Are There Live Game Extra Features?

Yes, Evolution Gaming is renowned for adding extra features to all its releases. This makes the games more fun and rewarding, and also allows you to develop more skills and insight as you play. Look out for side bets, lists of hot and cold Roulette numbers, and more.

My Game Keeps Dropping or Won’t Load

If you’re having trouble loading or maintaining a game on your device, it’s probably due to a connectivity issue. Make sure the signal is good and that you have data, and if the problem persists chat to our online casino Customer Support team.

What Mobile Devices Can Be Used?

Our live casino is adaptable enough to work on almost any mobile device. Enjoy the same quality on our Windows and iOS casino as on all our Android casino options including Samsung, Sony and Huawei casino platforms.

Do Platforms Offer the Same Games?

No, the selections of slots and live dealer mobile games are smaller than what you would have available at our online casino. The quality is still superb, but the range is not as wide.

Is Data/Wi-Fi a Mobile Requirement?

Yes, to play our mobile live dealer games you need to have a good, reliable Internet connection.

How Do I Claim My Bonus?

Choose the Welcome or other online casino bonus that you want to take advantage of on the promotions page, and then follow the prompts to ensure that you complete the special offer’s requirements. After this, you won’t need to do anything else to claim your bonus; the extra funds will appear in your account automatically.

I Can’t See My Bonus

If you can’t see your bonus in your desktop, tablet or smartphone casino account, it hasn’t cleared. This is most often because you haven’t fulfilled the requirements; so make sure that this is not the case. As always, contact our dedicated Customer Support team if the problem persists.

How Do Loyalty Points Work?

The Spin Casino Loyalty Club is simple, but very rewarding. Every time you place a wager on a live dealer or other game at Spin Casino, you’ll earn Loyalty Points. These Points have two benefits. Firstly, once you have accumulated enough you’ll be able to exchange them for additional playing credits. You’ll also move up the levels of the Loyalty Club with more Points, and will be able to enjoy more and more special treatment and perks as you do.

Can I Check Gaming History?

Yes, you can check your full gaming history at our online casino using the Play Check tool. You’ll find it under your account menu after you’ve logged in, and it will show you what games you’ve been playing, the bets you made, how may times you won and lost, and other interesting information that you can use to decide what your next bet or move should be.

Can I Check Transaction History?

Yes, the Cash Check tool in your player account menu makes it easy to check your full Spin Casino transaction history. Click on Cash Check to see a line-by-line ledger displaying all the deposits and withdrawals that you’ve made, and use the data to keep track of your finances and gamble responsibly.

Can I Check My Balance?

Yes, after you’ve logged into your account on our desktop or mobile casino, your deposit and bonus funds balances will be displayed in the lobby.

Are My Funds Secure?

Yes, your online casino funds are very secure with us. We use sophisticated Secure Sockets Layer encryptions to protect every transaction and keep them all private.

How Do I Check Banking Options?

To check your available banking options, log into your Spin Casino account and make your way to the Banking tab. The full range of payment methods that are available in your region will be shown on the screen.

How Do I Make Deposits & Withdrawals?

  1. Making deposits and withdrawals at our online casino is simple and quick:
  2. Log into your player account.
  3. Choose the Banking and then the Deposit or Withdrawal tab.
  4. Select your chosen payment method.
  5. Follow the prompts to enter the required information, including the amount of money you want to move into or out of your Spin Casino account.
  6. Check all details have been entered correctly, and then click to confirm the deposit or withdrawal request.
  7. Your deposited funds will clear at once, while your withdrawals should be available within a few working days (allowing for processing time).

Why Aren’t My Funds Clearing?

If a deposit or withdrawal isn’t clearing at our online casino, you might not have sufficient funds in your bank or casino account to complete the transaction. Check your available funds, and if that is not the issue contact your bank and/or the Spin Casino Customer Support team.

What is a source of wealth request?

Due to our AML compliance and alignment with current FATF recommendations and FIAU regulations we are at times required to establish a client’s “source of wealth” as part of our enhanced due diligence responsibilities.

“Source of wealth” is defined as “the origin of the subject’s total assets” and refers to any activity or situation that has generated the individual’s total wealth.  Should you be required to provide documentation, which would be used to verify your source of funds, the following documentation could be requested from you:

  • bank statements
  • Payslip
  • Recently filed business accounts
  • sale of an asset details in the completion statement
  • divorce settlement and court order specifying the written settlement agreement
  • inheritance money in the form of the Will statement

Please Note! We will have dedicated staff to facilitate the verification.  Please rest assured that all information shared with us will be treated as confidential and that all efforts will be made to assist clients wherever and whenever possible.

I Still Have Questions

If you haven’t found the information you need on our online casino FAQs pages and you still have queries, you can get in touch with our Customer Service Liaisons at any time. They are very friendly and efficient, and are waiting to share their expertise with you at any time of the day or night.

Use email or live chat to communicate with Support Agents, depending on what you prefer, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you’re playing mobile live dealer games, you can make contact on your tablet or smartphone. At Spin Casino, we will always do whatever we can to get you back to playing, betting and having a great time as quickly as possible.


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